Guide To: Attending a Suffolk Wedding Fair

Suffolk is full of stunning wedding venues and lots of these host fantastic wedding fairs throughout the year. Many couples find wedding fairs a tremendous help when trying to plan their big day, but equally some newly engaged couples are tentative and unsure about these events, which can seem off putting and overwhelming.

We have put together a guide to Wedding Fairs, to help you decide whether these events are really worth your time and what to expect from them on the day.

Suffolk Weddings Guide has an extremely helpful and exhaustive list of Wedding Fairs in Suffolk. Click on the link to see what is on in your area.

Why should you take the time to attend a wedding fair?

See lots of ideas from a variety of professional wedding suppliers. Collect flyers, take pics, talk to vendors about the endless possibilities for your big day. You may see some exciting ideas you'd never thought of, or ones you thought you wanted but aren't so keen on in the flesh. Take the time to really look at all the things on offer, there will be an array of florists, cakes, wedding dresses, photographers, wedding favours,'s the perfect chance to get inspired.

Meet suppliers
A wedding fair is a great chance to meet suppliers face to face and get a good understanding of who they are and what they are about. Talking in person is the best way of ensuring important people such as caterers, and cake makers are on your wave length and understand your ideas. Striking a rapport will give you confidence in your selections.

Lots of smaller wedding fairs will be full of local suppliers, and Suffolk has some fantastic independent wedding vendors who offer bespoke products and incredible customer service. Use the Suffolk Weddings Guide to research these Suffolk wedding suppliers.

Suffolk Wedding Fairs

Special deals/ discounts
Suppliers will often have special offers and discounts at a wedding fair to ensure they stand out amongst the competition. It’s a great way to secure a bargain but don’t sign anything on the day that you are not 100% happy with. Don't forget you can find a whole host of Special Offers to take advantage of on our guide.

See venue dressed up
A wedding fair gives engaged couples, their family and/or friends a chance to see a potential venue ‘dressed’ for a wedding. Often a venue will set out its dining or ceremony rooms in the way that they would have them for a wedding so that you can really get an idea of how it would look on the day, what’s included and what decor you would like.

Meet the wedding planners
It’s also a great chance to meet the co-ordinators at the venue to get an idea of what they offer, and how they can help you organise your wedding. Get a feel of how helpful and capable they are and whether they inspire you with confidence. Don't forget to ask lots of questions about what is included in the hire costs.

Free, goodie bags, prize draws, raffles, food/refreshments
Get spoilt! Suppliers and stall holders will often lavish potential clients with free goody bags and tasty samples of their products. It’s about the only time as an engaged couple you’ll be getting freebies so make the most of it! The venue will also often run special raffles and prize draws, so make sure you get your name down for everything.

fashion shows

Fashion shows
Many wedding fairs include bridal fashion shows which is a fantastic opportunity to see lots of wedding dresses, and get ideas of what you really like. Seeing the dresses modelled in front of you gives a much better idea of how they look and move and you may be surprised at how different they seem in the flesh than in a magazine. This may save valuable time when it comes to your shopping trips.

Wedding Fairs in Suffolk

Find out about all the upcoming Wedding Fairs & Shows in the Suffolk area with our comprehensive guide.

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Everything under one roof
Attending a wedding fair can often save precious time, as lots of suppliers will be under one roof and you can get a lot done in one day. Even if this includes ruling out a service or item you thought you really wanted, but seeing it firsthand you realise it’s an unnecessary addition. Collecting lots of information and flyers to take home may also save online browsing time.

Big VS Small
There are lots of smaller wedding fairs held at venues and hotels throughout the year, but there are also some larger more corporate wedding fairs held annually. There are pluses and minuses for each.
Big – Bigger wedding fairs will naturally offer a bigger selection of suppliers, and may last a whole weekend, there will be more offers and more exciting competitions but you would usually expect to pay an entrance fee and there will be lots more people and possibly queues.
Small – smaller wedding fairs are often more intimate, focus on local suppliers and venues and as there will be less people you will have more time to talk to suppliers so may experience better service. However there may only be one of each kind of vendor, so less competition or choice.

guide to wedding fairs

Here are our top tips to making the most of a wedding fair:

• Use our guide on Wedding Fairs in Suffolk to find out about wedding fairs in your area and make a list of the ones you wish to attend. It's a great way to find out more about potential wedding venues.

• Make a list of questions – what are you looking for, is there a particular service or product you want to research, what would you like to know from the venue, what are your burning questions? Don’t forget a notepad and pen to record the answers!

• Take a friend/parent/partner – don’t attempt it alone as you’ll need someone to bounce ideas off, help gather information and get a second opinion. But avoid taking children (or fiancés!)who get bored easily

• Wear comfortable shoes!

• Stick to your budget – take a copy of with you and don’t be swayed by savvy salesmen who may want to convince you of a service they swear you can’t live without. Weddings can easily spiral out of control because there is always something you’d like, but ask yourself if it would really ‘add’ anything to your day, or whether guests would even notice if it was there or not

• Don’t forget your diary so you can schedule any appointments and work out dates

• Quotes – be sure to collect as many quotes as possible so you can compare and contrast once you are home, don’t get carried away by the details and distracted by the free samples!

• Take your wedding scrap book / swatches / colours. If you have settled on your colour theme, or have strong ideas about decor – don’t forget to take samples, or your scrap book of ideas to show to the suppliers. They will be able to give you advice and bounce off your ideas, and you’ll find out if they are doable or just wild fantasy! It may also help to secure more realistic quotes if a supplier can visualize your ideas.

wedding fairs

• Be wary of special offers only available on the day; don’t get pressured into making any quick decisions, ensure there is some sort of cooling off period.

• If you sign any agreements make sure you READ all terms and conditions

• Fill in all the free prizes and give aways – you never know what you might win!

• Consider setting up an email address specifically for your wedding – to give to wedding suppliers, this will prevent lots of annoying spam and you can close this account after the wedding.

• If you are visiting a large wedding fair then think about taking pre-printed address labels/slips with you to save time filling in endless forms

Wedding Fairs

Expect to have a good time! You will be inspired and encouraged and will hopefully leave with a handful of new ideas, contacts, a better idea of what you want for your wedding day and lots of lovely goodies.

Don't forget to keep an eye on Wedding Fairs in Suffolk for an up to date guide on what's on in the region.