Guide To: Wedding Catering

If there’s one thing you want to get spot on for your wedding – it’s the food! After preparing for, travelling to and attending the Wedding Ceremony, you and your guests are bound to have worked up a pretty big appetite.

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Newly-weds and guests get their first chance to really relax at the Wedding Reception and with the food being centre of attention (along with the best mans speech of course) choosing the right Wedding Catering and the right menu is of utmost importance. Fortunately in SUffolk, home to fantastic local food and drink, we have a great range of wedding caterers to offer you.

Things to take into account when choosing your wedding reception menu

Will your Wedding Day have a theme? Modern, contemporary and vintage themes can all be echoed in your Wedding Menu. You might want to make your culture or nationality a theme for the food served, or even colour, choosing foods that match the wedding clothes, decor and flowers.

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The number of guests at your wedding reception can make a huge difference to the cost of your wedding catering. Happily, most Suffolk Wedding Caterers offer a variety of menu choices to suit every budget. If you’re getting married on a tight budget consider inviting only family and close friends to your wedding breakfast and have the main bulk of your guests arrive for the evening reception.

Your caterer will need to be informed about your reception plans so that they can time courses accordingly. For example you may wish to space out your courses between speeches and gifts. In addition, if you’re planning an evening buffet for your guests you’ll need to give your caterer a start time and ensure they have enough time between the wedding breakfast and buffet to prepare food and set-up.

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Special Requirements
With such a large gathering of people there are inevitably going to be some specific dietary requirements. Some of your guests may have preferential needs such as vegetarian or vegan meals. Others may have a specific dietary restriction such as diabetes or coeliac.

Your Wedding Invitation is a great opportunity to ask guests about their dietary preferences, giving you and your caterer plenty of time to plan. And don’t forget the children’s meals!

Crockery and Clean up
Most Wedding Caterers will provide crockery and cutlery as part of the service and take these away with them afterwards to clean. But do double-check when you are planning your menu.

Once you’ve taken everything into account all you need to do is hire a caterer – lucky for you we’ve some of best in Suffolk on this Guide. Take a look at our Wedding Caterers from Suffolk article to find out more.

The final, part of your Wedding Catering is of course your Wedding Cake! Here on the Suffolk Weddings Guide we've got all the advice and information you need to choose the right Wedding Cake and Cake Maker. Take a look at our essential Wedding Cakes from Suffolk article now.

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