Make-Up Ideas and Tips

Here are the top Wedding Make Up Tips for you to consider before your big day from Victoria Bradfield, Make Up Artist -

1. Don’t try any new products in the week leading up to the wedding. If you want to try something new, do so at least a month before the big day. This is just in case you have skin sensitivity or have a reaction to the new product.

2. Foundation cannot be matched under fluorescent lights! So it is a good idea to try the foundation in natural light only. I suggest you put your chosen shade onto your cheek/jawline then either side of that shade put one a shade darker and one a shade lighter then check in a mirror that your chosen shade has disappeared making it the perfect match. Very few people need a pink toned foundation – it is advisable to look for a foundation with a yellow tone.

Make up ideas from Victoria Bradfield

3. The dreaded spot!!
Firstly, do not pick it as you can’t conceal a scab! Your concealer must match your skin tone exactly and then add powder to finish. Using a stick foundation or a concealer – dab onto the spot and wipe the surrounding area, then dust with a skin toned powder to set it. I understand using eye drops (not the blue tinted type – use the whitening or red reducing), can help to reduce redness if the spot is inflamed. You can put it onto the spot and leave for a few minutes then rinse off. I haven’t tried this myself however, so maybe try it before the big day just in case you get a reaction!

4. If you have a very lined or dry skin, don’t use powder, or, if you do, only use a small amount over foundation. You must powder the eye area lightly and anywhere you have used concealer.

5. Avoid sunblock or sunscreen as this reflects the flash light in pictures, resulting in over exposed shots.

Wedding Make Up Tips

6. When using eyeliner set it with an eye shadow the same shade in the same way as you would use powder over foundation. This helps it last and you will experience less smearing.

7. Here are some suggested eye shadow colours:
Blue eyes – browns and taupes
Green eyes – mauves and lilacs
Brown eyes – slate blue and navy
Try to avoid frosted or glittering shadows on the day.

8. Mascara – always buy a new one for your wedding day. On average a mascara should only be used for 3 months. How old is yours?! Time to splash out

9. Pick a lip liner that matches your chosen shade of lipstick. Line your lips with the lip pencil and fill the entire lip area with the pencil. This helps the lipstick last for longer. Lip colour should be darker than any nude or pale shades otherwise it won’t show in your wedding pictures. Choose a shade 1 to 2 times brighter than your normal colour unless you are picking a bright shade and then this rule won’t apply. Avoid lip gloss – it is just too messy!

10. Have plenty of sleep, eat smart and drink plenty of water to look after your skin leading up to your wedding day.

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Make-up tips

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