Online marketing success

Your advert on the Suffolk Weddings Guide will get your business seen by thousands of visitors to the site, but that's all it can do! To maximise enquiries and bookings here are some tips that we hope will help you -

A) Setting up your advert

1) Write clear copy. You have unlimited text on the Guide, so all the space you could possibly want to sell your services! The key points and features of your business should be at the top of your advert as attention spans are limited and you only have a short time to make an impact on a potential client (8 seconds on average!). If you put yourself in the position of an enquiror - what information might they like to know about what you have to offer? Price? Availability?

2) Choose good photos. You can display up to 4 colour photos of your business, and you can change these as often as you wish. Remember that people buy with their eyes so photos are your most important selling tool. You don't have to use a professional photographer - just find someone with a digital camera. Ideally chose well lit, bright and clear images, preferably taken on a sunny day.

3) Quote realistic rates. Check out your competitors regularly - it's always worth knowing what others are charging so that you remain competitive.

4) Double check your contact details - you don't want to miss any leads! When you've uploaded your advert we check it and make it live on the Guide, and send you a link to it. We suggest that you then send yourself an email through the Guide (click on Send Email) to make sure that your details are correct.

5) Consider listing in appropriate extra categories – the more categories your business is listed under the more exposure you’ll get.

B Maintaining your advert

Unlike an advertisement in a paper or magazine which can't be changed after it's been published, to get the maximum from your online advert please keep it up-to-date. Also you can experiment with your advert, using different pictures and text to see what works best and attracts most enquiries.

1) Keep your advert current with your password access eg in the summer use bright images and outside shots, and in the winter swap these for cosy inside images. Just use the Customer Login button on every page of the Guide to login to your advert with your unique password.
2) Use Special Offers to cover periods when bookings are quieter and you want to drive more business. Special Offers are listed on the homepage which will increase your exposure.
3) If you're attending a local Wedding Fair please add this to your advert so that we can promote the event and the fact that people can meet you there. Your advert will go on the homepage and information you've added will be copied and pasted into other relevant parts of the Suffolk Tourist Guide, such as What's On In Suffolk etc. If we can help you to get more people to your event or to your area then your business will benefit!

Please contact us at anytime if we can help!