Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Here is a selection of the Suffolk Weddings Guide's top tips to help you when you embark on the huge, important and incredibly fun task of shopping for your wedding dress.

Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Settle on a date, time and location before you even begin to think about shopping for your wedding dress! You may decide to co-ordinate your wedding dress and accessories depending on the style of building you plan to marry in - for example, a traditional white wedding is perfect in a church - or the colour themes that work best in your reception venue.

The season that your wedding takes in will need to be considered (are you willing to wear a shoulderless dress in mid-November?! If you are feeling brave you will want to add perhaps a shawl or some other form of protection against the cold and wind - hairstyles will also need to be considered in times and places of high winds!) as will the time of day that the ceremony will take place.

Set yourself a strict budget before you go shopping - and remember to stick to it! Include pricing for the bridesmaids' dresses too, as it is often useful to shop for these at the same time as your wedding dress.

Start researching and shopping for your wedding dress AT LEAST six months before the date of your ceremony. This allows plenty of time for ordering and alterations.

Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Explore the multitude of wedding magazines and wedding websites for pictures of the almost infinte collection of wedding dresses there are available - be prepared to spend a lot of time doing this, not least if you are unsure on what style you want from the start!

Visit as many wedding and bridal shops - both in person and online - as possible before settling on any dress. It is possible that you will end up back at the first shop you went to (as seems to be typical when shopping for anything!), but each shop will have different dresses and gowns with varying price ranges and services available for you to choose from, so it is definitely worth being as broad as you can.

Take others shopping with you. The obvious choice is the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and/or groom. Choose people that understand your tastes and will give you honest advice. Don't take too many people along, however, as larger groups offering various opinions can be overwhelming and confusing.

Try on as many different styles as you can. Ask shop assistants for the most flattering styles and cuts for your figure - you may be surprised and find that a certain style you had never even considered before is perfect for you.

Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Make sure the dress is comfortable to wear both standing and sitting. Move around when you try the dress on. You will be wearing the dress all day so something this is comfortable as well as attractive is highly important.

If you dream of a white wedding that is fine, but don't be put off of other colours that you love simply to stick with tradition. Many beautiful dresses are nowadays available in pinks, creams, reds, greens, golds and so on. If you favour a certain colour you are sure to be able to find it somewhere!

Bring along a strapless bra when you are trying on dresses, so you will be able to see exactly how your dress will look on the day without any unsightly bra straps!

A handy thing to do is to take a camera along with you when shopping for wedding dresses, so you can view your favourites back in the comfort of your own home. It's also useful to carry around a notebook and pen to note down any shops that you want to return to, addresses, opening times and telephone numbers.

Last and by no means least - have fun!

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