Top Tips for Hair Care, preparation and choosing the right style for you

They say that getting married is more stressful than buying a house or having children. What with hen parties, dress fittings, rehearsals and interfering friends & relatives, preparing for your day can feel a bit daunting! But your bridal haircare regime doesn't have to be one of those worries as professional hair stylist and make-up artist Sarah Larvin has prepared a step by step guide to looking your best -

1. It's never too soon to start caring for your hair. Regular trims help to prevent split ends and promote growth. Care doesn't need to stop once you leave the salon either, ask them for advice on the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Coloured or bleached hair often requires extra nourishment so consider using a treatment. Can't live without your straightener? Be sure to use a thermal heat spray before each use to prevent frizz and damage.

2. Have 'day old' hair! Yes most of my clients give me that puzzled look when I ask them not to wash their hair on the day of their wedding. Why? Freshly washed hair is slippery, difficult to add height to and does not style as well with hot tools. By washing and blow drying your hair the day before the wedding it will hold your chosen style in much stronger and last far longer. Nothing is worse than having your curls go straight before you've even made it to your photos!

Top Tips for Hair Care, preparation and choosing the right style for you

3. How would you normally wear your hair? High up or always down? I often recommend not to stray too far away from your natural style because you still want to feel like yourself on your wedding day, just a more glamorous version. For instance, if you never wear your hair up, are you going to feel comfortable all of a sudden having a slicked back up-do? A beautiful, bouncy and curled down style may leave you feeling more like you.

4. Are you planning on wearing a veil, tiara or flower in your hair? Think how this will tie in with your hair style as you want the accessory to complement your hair, not cover it up. Some up-do's have all the detail at the back of the head, but as soon as you put a veil in, it's all been hidden. A great option is to add in some detail on the sides, like a braid or curls for texture, so you can still see this while wearing the veil.

Hair Care Tips

5. Take your face shape into consideration to help create overall balance. The same with makeup, try to create the illusion of an oval shape.

• Oval - The ideal face shape! If you are lucky enough to have an oval shaped face, you can virtually wear any hair style.
• Round - Lengthen your face with a side part and add in height at the top of the head with minimal width at the sides.
• Square -Whether your hair is up or down, soften the angles of your face with the use curls or waves around the frame of the face.
• Heart - A soft fringe or bangs (ie shaped cutting of the front part of your hair so that it lies over the forehead) will minimize your forehead, and use curls with volume to add width around the jaw.
• Long - Avoid a slicked back, high up do, and add width to the face with volume at the sides.

Top Tips for Hair Care, preparation and choosing the right style for you

6. Extensions are a very popular and fantastic way to quickly add volume and length to your hair. Opt for 100% real human hair particularly if you want to colour them or use hot styling tools as synthetic hair doesn't always allow you to do this. For semi-permanent options like tape, weft or micro-bead, have them installed by a professional. Ideally extensions should look natural and blend into your own hair, incorrectly installed extensions can look very obvious and also be uncomfortable to wear!

7. Trial, trial, trial! Whether you're going to a stylist or even doing your own, have a trial run. You may be in love with that latest bridal magazine's hair style, but when you put it all together with your makeup, dress and accessories, sometimes it just doesn't feel right. Having a trial gives you confidence in your overall look for the big day, and for those of you who have no idea how you'd like to wear your hair, it's a great opportunity to get some ideas and help you decide.

Call me now for some more tips and to discuss what's going to work best for you - Sarah Larvin Professional Hair and Make Up services. The appearance of your hair can affect the way people perceive your whole wedding outfit – no matter how expensive your dress – so it’s important to find a hair dresser you trust. It's good to discuss style options a few weeks before your wedding so that you can try them out and see how they feel.

Top Tips for Hair Care, preparation and choosing the right style for you

If you've got any Top Tips to share please let us know!

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